Willard B. Simmons - President

Antonia Cleondis - 1st Vice President

George Kalasountas- 2nd Vice President

Lewis Sterling -3rd Vice President

Forrest D. Thrasher Secretary/Treasurer

Dr. Dimitris Kyriazis

Michael Sirmon

Todd Martin

Thomas Malbis

The Mission of Malbis Plantation Inc.

The mission of Malbis Plantation, Inc., is to preserve the dignity of its land with strategic planning of its real estate holdings for commercial, mixed-use and residential development, to add long term value to its shareholders well into the next century, to enhance the natural beauty of the Malbis community, to build on the foundation of all those who came before and to respect its long and treasured history.

Malbis Plantation was founded 107 years ago by Jason Malbis as a Greek settlement based on core Christian values and was incorporated in February 1933; and Malbis Plantation continues today, as it did then, to conduct business with honesty, integrity and respect for the land while building for the future. The original purchase included 120 acres and eventually grew in size to more than 10,000 acres. All of the founding members of Malbis Plantation worked tirelessly to build and sustain what is today recognized as a historical landmark. The Malbis Plantation is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and on the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage, an honor bestowed by the Alabama Historical Commission.

The Malbis Bakery (above) was located on South Broad Street and spanned all the way to Washington Avenue. At one point, it employed nearly 400 Mobilians and operated a fleet of 50 delivery trucks.

During the early years of Malbis Plantation, Inc., the company was a flourishing self-sufficient farming plantation and a commercial powerhouse in Alabama. The Malbis enterprises included livestock, agriculture, timber, a turpentine still, a dairy, a canning plant, an electric power plant, a water plant, an ice plant, a bakery, a machine shop, a nursery, a real estate company, a motel, a gas station and a restaurant. The industrious energy of the early members led them to try and grow olive trees, develop grape arbors and even cultivate silkworms. In addition, Malbis Plantation had planned on building the largest skyscraper in Mobile, but the onset of the Great Depression put a stop to the plan.