He always seemed to give the right advice at the right time in a conciliatory spirit and put a quick end to any existing disputes.

-The Faith of Jason Malbis

The excessive heat of the summer in the southern states could be unbearable especially when there is a lack of ice. So the community felt their next concern should be the study and possibility of erecting an ice plant for the production of ice for the community's needs and, if neccesary, to supply the nearby residents. The idea did not take long to materialize and one of Jason Malbis' friends in Chicago, who was an expert on the construction and manufacturing of such projects, was invited to come to Alabama for advice and prompt action. The architectural plans were drawn up and were soon followed by the actual erection of a brick building. The machinery was purchased and installed by the contractor.

Before the burning heat of the summer sun set in, they began producing their much coveted and refreshing product. As a result of the new investment which was required for the completion of the new enterprise, their cash assets were depleted and they felt the urgent need to apply for a loan. But the nearby banks were reluctant to give loans to people they called "adventurous men" living in a remote area. They did not consider it a safe investment.

In the beginning the sale of ice was limited and its distribution to the surrounding area was difficult because of the muddy roads and transportation problems. Superhuman efforts were required to to meet the needs and vicissitudes of their life.

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