He always seemed to give the right advice at the right time in a conciliatory spirit and put a quick end to any existing disputes.

-The Faith of Jason Malbis

As the members of the community increased and business operations expanded, Malbis decided that it was time to have a personal assistant and chose John Vocolis or "Uncle John" for this important position.

From this day on the well read and amibable 40-year old "Uncle John" assumed his new duties and began to relieve Malbis of many of his pressing burdens so that he could devote himself to the concerns of leadership and planning.

John, like the rest of his simple fellow countrymen had to be taught and trained. He was a devout Christian believer who worshipped God with all the fervor of his heart and was known to say often that God had given man intelligence and common sense which if he really used, he, too, could perform miracles. He had no special skill in any particular type of job, but he enjoyed to be involved in all areas of work and to be helpful to everybody. He knew how to comfort and counsel the sick and how to help them in recovering their health. He was a gentle man and always eager to help his fellow man in his hour of difficulty. In a spirit of love and understanding John was good at reconciling people who were alienated because of differences, and proved to be an effective supervisor, by putting the right man in the right place. Questions such as who was to do the house chores, who was to care for the ill, and many other concerns, were always settled by the industrious and meek Uncle John, the patient and untiring job-leader. He assigned the daily tasks and was responsible for the proper distribution of tools and goods in carrying out the diversified work of the plantation. He always seemed to give the right advise at the right time in a conciliatory spirit and put a quick end to any existing disputes. Nevertheless, he never made any special claims to any unique power, authority or intelligence. He was never concious of his superior position and authority, but loved to identify with everyone and to serve humbly and help all the members of the community.

"I am a mere nothing" he used to say, "and, if there is anything good in me, it is not mine, but God's". All who lived close to him believed in his sincerity. The law of God and his Orthodox Christian convictions were fundamental to his life, with the Holy Bible his inseperable companion.

The beauty of nature with its lovely flowers, the green grass, the tall trees, and the marvelous sight of a starlit sky amazed him and stirred in him an admiration for the grandeur of creation and the infinite wisdom of the Creator, Almighty God. At such moments of apparent inspiration, the goodhearted Uncle John could be heard uttering the well-known verse of the Psalms : "O Lord, how manifold are they works : in wisdom hast thou made them all :".

John Vocolis' respect and recognition of Malbis as his superior were undisputed. He worked closely with him and always consulted with him and heeded his advice. He spent many hours with Malbis, who he called "Captain", discussing with him the problems of the plantation and always receptive to his guidance and instruction.

One day he asked Malbis why he had selected this wilderness and virgin land to work on and had not remained in the city where business and money making opportunities were much more abundant. Malbis listened to him carefully in the presence of many others and then said, "The reason is quite simple. Just remember what the Lord said when Satan suggested the easiest way to satisfy his hunger from fasting: "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God". He then went on to explain that the duty of every man is not to think and work for himself only, but, in following the lines and teachings of the Gospel, to become a creator of good works and of a new society.

The wise and inspiring words of Jason Malbis left an indelible impression on the hearts of many. The good seed of the sower fell on good and fertile soil, promising to bring forth much fruit. Indeed, with the passing of time the business operations of the plantation kept expanding and the twofold mission of Jason Malbis, the religious and humanitarian, was increasingly understood and loved.

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