In 1906 he and one of his friends, William Papageorge, finally set out in quest of the land of their dreams. They travelled and worked from city to city through the states of Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Mississippi and, after six months of searching, they came upon the city of Mobile, AL.

Their meager funds were almost depleted. They were exhausted and despondent. Their aspirations were at their lowest ebb. Of all the farm sites they had inspected none was suitable for the purpose for which they wanted it. So they decided to extend their stay in Mobile where they searched for work and tried to replenish their funds. They also needed to rest for a few weeks from the weariness of constant traveling.

One day in late afternoon after work the two friends were sitting on a park bench at Bienvilled Square, talking and planning the course they they would soon take in order to reach their objective. Their conversation centered around the Gospel. The outcome of their discussion was their decision to leave Mobile. They were reminded of the scriptural passage 'The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof'. At that moment they happened to turn their glance on a sign hanging from a window on the third floor of a building in front of them. It read: 'LOW COST FARMLANDS FOR SALE'.

Their English was as poor as their finances and they had to make use of their English-Greek dictionary which they always carried with them for emergencies such as the present in order to understand what the sign read.

The following morning they called at the real estate office where the met Mr. Weafel, the manager. They explained the purpose of their visit to him.

Their morale was strengthened and their hopes soared when the heard Mr. Weafel tell them he not only had a good parcel of land but would offer it to them at a low price on a long term payment basis. Mr. Weafel's proposition encouraged Jason Malbis and his friend who agreed to take the boat the next morning with the seller to the small town of Daphne on the opposite side of Mobile Bay.

Mr. & Mrs. William Grabham. The first who supported the two friends.

When they got there, they hired a carriage and together they drove six miles north through narrow lanes and uninhabited areas. They explored and examined all the surrounding farm area. The sun was about to set and the two friends with their guide decided to return. They felt completely exhausted, as well as unimpressed and disappointed with what they had seen. Distressed, they continued torward their destination. They had not seen anything which in their judgement would serve their needs. Suddenly Malbis turned to his companion William and full of emotion shouted "Stop: Dont go any further, here is the place where we shall build". William turned to his friend Malbis in astonishment and asked him what he meant. Malbis, whose face radiated with pleasure and Christian elation, stated that this was the land for which they were searching and that they would purchase it. "I have just seen a miracle. The Almighty has revealed to me that this is the land for which we are looking and here is where we shall stay. I saw a brillian sign on the horizon descending from Heaven and brightening the area around us with untold splendor. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the place where our plans and goals will come true.

Then they turned to Mr. Weafel who was walking ahead of them and asked how much land he had for sale and how much he wanted for it. "We have approximately 120 acres", replied Mr. Weafel, "and if you are interestred I can let you have it for $10.00 per acre".

The price was not unfair but because of their critical finances they bargained for a better price. Finally an agreement was reached to pay five dollars per acre; i.e., the total sum of 600 for the lot of 120 acres. The agreement provided for a down payment of $100 and the balance in monthly installments of $25.00.

Now that the first step was taken, they began to clear som eof the land and to cultivate it. The two friends found shelter and lodging in a far off farm house of a Mr. William Grabham, who politely welcomed them and offered to led them use one of the rooms until the could provide themselves with a permanent residence of their own.

And so in this remote part of the country the poor workers began from scratch in a life of toil and isolation. They believed that one day, with the help of the Almighty God, the would achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.

Their financial resources were now totally depleted and they had to turn to their far off friends for help. Several of them responded promptly, but due to their own financial difficulties they were unable to provide enough to meet their urgent needs. They managed to acquire some of the essentials, namely food, clothing and a fiew pieces of farming equiptment to till the soil. They were satisfied with these and looked to the future with courage and hope. They planted the first seeds in the ground with faith in God, whom they worshiped and praised day and night for protection and guidance in pointing to them the way to the land of His choice. They comforted themselves by reminiscing events from their past life and by meditating on various verses from the Holy Scripture. The Biblical texts were most effective source of encouragement and comfort. Daily study of the Bible strengthened their trust and faith that God would not forsake them.

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