Life of Jason Malbis - the Founder of Malbis Plantation

Toward the end of the last century a young man of poor parentage was brought by his father from the small Greek town of Doumena, his place of birth, to the nearby Orthodox monastery of Mega Spelaion (the Great Cave) to be dedicated to God and to the life of spiritual growth. The young man, whose name was Antonios Markopoulos, remained in the monastery for several years. Here he humbly carried out the duties of a monk and diligently observed the teachings of the Gospel, while exercising himself spiritually in self-control and chastity.The Gospel became his illuminating guide and the inseperable companion of his life.

Jason Malbis - the founder of Malbis Plantation

Yet, the narrow confines and environment of a monastery did not seem to suit the calling of this active and ambitious young man who was imbued primarily with the social precepts of the Gospel. He thought of the primary aid and purpose in life as the ministry of assisting his fellowmen in terms of Christian, humanitarian and philanthropic activity.

At the beginning of this century when young people from Greece largely unskilled, poor, unlettered and destitute immigrated to the United States of America by the thousdands in pursuit of a livelihood, the young man from Mega Spelaion decided to follow many of this fellow countrymen and close friends and thus find the opportunity to teach them the priciples of the Gospel and help them apply them in their every day life and especially in the area of their work. One day he landed in America and established himself in the city of Chicago. Here he had his name legally changed to Jason Malbis.

His basic conviction was the man is destined to become a creator in the same manner in which God is a Creator. He grew into this belief and nurtured it during his stay in the monastery where he was first taught the Divine Word and where he stuided the Holy Scriptures in faith and humility.

As the days passed on in Chicago, Jason recommended to two Friends, with whom he lived and often shared his thoughts, that the time had come for them to leave the city in search of the land where they could make their dream become a reality.