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Jason Malbis

A disciplined, ambitious and charismatic leader

Torward the end of the last century a young man of poor heritage was brought by his father from the small Greek town of Doumena, his place of birth, to the nearby Orthodox monastery for several years. Here he humbly caried out the duties of a monk and diligently observed the teachings of the Gospel, while exercising himself spiritually in self-control and chastity. The Gospel became his illuminating guide and the inseperable companion of his life.

Yet, the narrow confines and environment of a monastery did not seem to suit the calling of this active and ambitious young man who was imbued primarily with the social precepts of the Gospel.

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The Malbis Plantation

A century of faith, brotherhood and tradition

The Malbis Plantation was established in 1906 as a colony farm by two Greek immigrants, Jason Malbis, the colony's spiritual leader and astute entrepreneur and William Papageorge, who became a successful businessman in his own right. Within a decade or two, the colony farm became a self-sufficient plantation and commercial enterprise known as Malbis Plantation, Inc., supporting a cannery, bakery, dairy, ice plant, machine shop, electrical plant and plant nursery. Apart from these and other economic ventures, the colony was also a social experiment, which was reflected in its alternative names, the Malbis Family or Malbis Brotherhood.

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Memories of Malbis

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